I’ve watched some documentaries and they’re forgotten as soon as the credits start rolling. And then there’s Freeload, which gave me a compelling insight into a world I knew nothing about.

Director Daniel Skaggs follows a group of free-spirited young Americans who live on the fringes of society. They move from state to state riding the train network and sleep on the streets. There isn’t anything glamorous about this lifestyle. Riding trains isn’t just illegal, it’s fraught with dangers and we see some of the injuries they incur from jumping trains. There are times when the characters are stowed away under the carriages!

Their way of life takes it’s tole both mentally and physically. Drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent amongst these travellers and they never know where their next meal is coming from. We see the relationships that develop with each other and hea
r their ideals about world that surrounds them.

Freeload is raw and in your face

At just over 60 min, you’ll feel as though you’ve been with these characters for much longer and I’d happily watch another 60. I can’t wait to see what the team from Highway Goat Productions does in the future.

“Freeload” is available for streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Google Play. DVD’s are available through Amazon or their distributor http://mvdb2b.com.*

Have you encountered any sub cultures on your travels?