Hi Albert, could you introduce yourself to the readers
I am 28 years old and I studied engineering but I haven’t worked in the industry as yet. Since finishing my degree I’ve been trying to find out what I really like. I mean, I love travelling, sports and adventure and I try to enjoy them as much as I can but until today I haven’t found a way to make a living from it. Ever since I was a child I travelled a lot ( so grateful to my parents), but when I went to London to improve my English ( Spanish style…) something changed me, I didn’t just want to travel, but to live in other places. There are so many nice people and places to see in the world! How can you just live in one? It wasn’t until I got to Belgium that I found what I wanted to do and that was to pursue a career in renewable energies.

Can you explain to the readers what you were doing in India?
I went to India to finish my degree in Renewable Energy. EduCare an NGO based in India gave me the opportunity for an Internship and to choose a project that would suit my area of study. After some research I decided to design and build a solar system that would heat water for a household all year long. The idea was to build a solar collector with local material so the community would be able to build their own collector at a reduced price. Working for this organization gave me the chance to meet many interesting people and I learned a lot about other projects.

Albert on Indrahar Pass trek India

Albert on Indrahar Pass trek India

What attracted you to India?
I always wanted to live far away from Europe, in a completely different culture and for long period of time. When I found this project I knew straightaway that India was the place to go. I didn’t know much about it, so I start to google: Himalayan mountains, Hinduism, Sikhs, rick saws, Goa etc etc etc

For anyone who has not been what can they expect?
Chaos. India is different, never expect things to go the way you want. But this is not bad, everything is possible in India, great things happen when least expect. You can hit the peaceful Himalayan Mountain in just a few hours trek from the stress of the city, where time stops and enjoy the nature. This and the amazing contrast of colours made India a unique place for me.

Was there a difference between your expectations and the reality of your experience in India?
That’s great question, when you arrive in India you have a lot of energy, you want to change so many things, work hard, see instant results of your efforts but soon you realize that here time works differently. Don’t try to push things forward too fast, rushing doesn’t make sense. Just lower your expectations and let it be. And that was the best advice I received when I arrived, you can easily get frustrated when your plans follow another time frame that you can’t control.

What was the best part about your travels in India?
Being alone in the mountains. up there your only worries are where to sleep and where to go.

Tell us about your Indrahar pass trek
We improvised a lot. We had to go before monsoon season started. So we picked a day and just went. we packed our sleeping bags, bananas and peanut butter. We knew there was a cave to sleep in on the way to the top, we asked the shepherds we met along the way to point us into the right direction. But we took a wrong path and we got caught in the middle of a cloud and couldn’t see more than 2 meters ahead of us. Then we spotted a small shelter made of stones. We discovered this just at the right time! We spent a few hours here when suddenly the skies cleared and we realised that we were at the top of the mountain. We spent that night there before making our way back.

How long did it take you to put the video together?
Took me couple days to edit the video, I wanted something short and but that was difficult because thanks to my lovely crazy companion I had lots of great footage.

What equipment including software did you use?
I used basic software from Apple (Imovie), easy to handle and produces good results.

What is your favourite place that you have travelled to?
Impossible to say but probably the best feeling was when I entered the Mongolian steppes driving my own vehicle.

What is your favourite film?
Sorry I have to say two, Braveheart and The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

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