Can you tell us what you were doing in India?
I was working for an NGO called Educare,  The project EVT- (ecovolunteer tourism) and helping in other projects too.

What attracted you to India?
What attracted me was the diversity of cultures living together in peace and respecting each others. And the crowds of people everywhere!

For anyone who has not been what can they expect?
People who have never been in India should prepare themselves mentally for the experience.

Was there a difference between your expectations and the reality of your experience in India?
My experience was better than my expectations because i was living in a place (Naddi) where life is pretty calm, different than the rest of India.

What was the best part about your travels in India?
Best part about my travels – the awkward moments I had with my friends who I lived and worked with, taking rides is jeeps where there is virtually no room, the spiders inside the rooms, or the places where we were sleeping, disgusting places but funny when you’re with friends.

How long did it take you to put the ’selfie’ video together?
I had to take a picture everyday for 3 months which was annoying to my friends. And for making the video, it took me 1 day, the programme I used for it was a crappy one, next time I promise it will be better.

What camera did you use?
It was a Fujifilm, a really bad one, but i didn’t have to take care of it, because it was time to change and buy a new one. It was the last trip for the camera.

What are some of the countries you travelled to in the past?
My last countries in lived in were, in order: Latvia-Costa Rica-Corfu island (Greece)- Shanghai (China)- – India- and now Reunion Island (France)

oscar himalayan mountains india

oscar himalayan mountains india

What is your favourite place that you have travelled to and why?
Costa Rica was an amazing place, full of nature. I had really great and unforgettable moments in remote places where if something happened to me, no one would know and I couldn’t be rescued!

What is your favourite film?
The Matrix of course!! best movie ever!

Mountains or beaches?
Mountains: Pirineos de España, and beaches of Corfu island, really clear water and diverse beaches.

You can see other videos Oscar made on his YouTube channel.