On the 3rd of July this year, I received an email from Ryan Gruss introducing himself as part of a new Social Network called Showzee. He explained that ‘they created a platform for connecting people around their journeys, adventures and experiences.‘ He really liked the content of my blog and suggested I take a look.

My initial thought was: Is there room for another social network? Then I thought about how much Facebook it isn’t a product I enjoy using but it is a place you need to be to reach a larger audience.

Welcome to Showzee!

I signed up, uploaded a few pictures and was then asked to become an Ambassador. Some of the other Ambassadors have similar interests to myself and some don’t. It’s great to see what other people want to show the world and what inspires them.

Team Showzee hard at work

Team Showzee hard at work

As Ambassadors we give constructive feedback about the platform, our thoughts about new features and make suggestion to enhance the user experience. We’ll also be beta testers for the new app which will be launched shortly.

Really easy to use!

The interface is clean, fresh and uses terminology that you’re familiar with like, share and post. You can upload your photos and videos to a ‘container’ called a Showzee (max of 10 pieces of content) and add a category. You can also add tags for location, sub categories and share the post on other social networks.

Showzee is going to be another place for me to showcase my content and connect with more people. Especially since I’m taking much more of an interest in photography. But it’s even more special because I get to contribute to it’s development.

Whether you’re a blogger or just like to share photos and videos it’s definitely a network you want to be on. I’m really excited to be part of this exiting new venture and I’m looking forward to using the app.

Go ahead take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!


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